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Brewing Guatemalan Specialty Coffee Since 2015


Guatemala is one of the main producers of specialty coffee worldwide. The more than 300 microclimates and its volcanic soils allows Guatemalan coffee to be quoted in foreign markets, exporting more than 95% of the production, limiting the consumption of specialty coffee for Guatemalans.


Has it happened to you that you know a foreigner and the first thing that relates to Guatemala is their coffee? Guatemala is recognized worldwide for the quality of its coffee, for us, it is a fundamental part of our culture and for this reason, we decided to give ourselves the task of promoting the consumption of specialty coffee from Guatemala by Guatemalans.


We get specialty coffee from farms within the country, prioritizing small producers usually part of cooperatives and then we take care of each part of the preparation process, so that our clients live the experience of having excellent coffee, either with traditional drinks based on espresso or with artisan methods and infusions, which highlight each of the unique properties of the coffee region ; all this, accompanied by a unique atmosphere within Guatemala City, in our Coffee Shop located at 4 Grados Norte, in Guatemala City. A neighborhood full of local small businesses and tech company's, which promote the economy of a developing country .


At Coffee District we seek to create a coffee culture in a country that produces the best coffees in the world, but we want to do so in a sustainable way and by facing two of the strongest problems the country faces: gender equality and education. 50% of our jobs are exclusively for women and we provide flexible hours so that our team can continue with university studies.

We not only want to provide you with excellent coffee, we want to use Guatemalan coffee to create change in the country, one coffee at a time. Join the evolution, buy from local producers and enjoy a good coffee.

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